How A Timber Deck Can Increase The Functionality of Your Outdoor Area

You may live in a climate that allows year around outdoor living, or snow and cold temperatures may keep you indoors during winter. Whatever your circumstance, adding a timber deck can greatly increase how much you enjoy your home. Even a deck that is on the small side can be a peaceful place to read a good book or listen to music while seated on a comfortable chaise.

When planning to add a new timber deck to their home, most people want enough space for a grill and outdoor furniture including a picnic table and seating. Outdoor furniture collections typically include a table equipped with an umbrella to provide shade for diners. Table sizes can range from seating for four to 12, and additional matching trex_transcend_decking_and_railing_stairsfurniture often includes comfortable chaise lounges and additional side chairs.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular, especially in warmer climates where homeowners are able to enjoy their outdoor living space all year long. Many of these kitchens include a top-of-the-line grill, a small fridge that fits under the counter and a sink with hot and cold water. These outdoor kitchens simplify food preparation and allow the cook to interact with their family and friends. The most up-to-date timber decks are planned to allow plenty of space for entertaining and every day outdoor living.

Outdoor living space is not only very desirable for adults, but kids of every age want to spend as much time as possible outside. A timber deck that extends from the home to an outdoor pool is a dream come true for many families. The deck could include a small pool house where guests can change, and this allows kids to change out of their wet swim suits to dry clothes before going indoors. Parents love this setup since it prevents wet floors and soggy towels inside their home.

There are so many benefits from timber deck builder in Gold Coast to have a usable outdoor space that a new timber deck offers. Some people may decide building a deck would be a simple do-it-yourself project, but deck building is not as easy at it looks. Depending on the size of the planned project, some areas require the homeowner to apply for a building permit. There can be restrictions as to how close the deck will be to the property line, and the deck must be constructed according to certain guidelines.

Several types of wood can be used to build a timber deck. Cedar has been used extensively since this wood is naturally moisture and insect resistant. Western Red Cedar is most often found in lumber yards, but different areas of the country may have other types including Eastern White Cedar, Northern White Cedar and Southern Red Cedar. Although there are advantages to building outdoor projects with cedar, many people choose treated yellow pine since it is less expensive.

Composite decking that is manufactured by heating and compressing wood fibers and recycled plastic has become a popular material for building a deck. The result is a deck that looks like wood but does not need to be treated and it never rots like natural wood. Composite decking does fade over time and it can develop mold in areas that are shaded and moist.

While some homeowners may be tempted to build a new timber deck themselves, the outcome will likely be much better if they hire a contractor. This will ensure any required permits and inspections are done properly, and any expense will be worth the increased equity added to the home. Whatever the size or design of the new deck, the family is sure to enjoy the added outdoor living space.