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Factors To Consider When Designing & Building a Timber Deck

Wanting to design and then build a timber deck is a common choice of homeowners. It can give them a space to spend time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, with the possibility of relaxation and entertaining guests. Wanting one is one thing though, and actually putting one together is quite another. Keep reading to learn 12 factors to consider when you decide to design and build a timber deck by Just Decks Gold Coast.

1) Can you do it on your own? The overall project might seem intimidating altogether, but many of the individual steps can be handled by you and those around you. Even doing some of it solo can save money.

2) Do you want to do it on your own? Even if you can do some of it on your own, letting the professionals handle everything saves you stress and time. You’re also assured everything is done right.

3) Is there design software? Some apps and computer programs let you do the design work on your own.

4) Do you need a permit or inspection? Building regulations and codes vary on a wooden-deck-background-14428335664dsmunicipal level.

5) Do HOA bylaws apply? Your neighborhood might have rules about the decks built that you have to be in compliance with, like them or not.

6) How many years do you want the deck to look the same as new? Timber changes color over time. You can struggle to keep it looking the same shade it has when built, but expect some shift in the color over time.

7) Do you have a preference in timber? Not every tree is the same. You’ll likely have to make a judgement call balancing things like color/shade, sturdiness/durability, cost, and maintenance.

8) What’s your climate like? Summers and winters can be very harsh on timber, no matter how much treatment it gets. Mindful and preventative design can save you a lot of time and trouble.

9) How much maintenance are you prepared to go through every year? If you’re going to be staying in the home, know just what you’re prepared to do to keep your timber deck looking great.

10) How long do you need the deck to last? Not every deck has the same life expectancy.

11) Are you looking to boost resale value? Your own tastes might differ from potential buyers, so consult a real estate professional to know what home shoppers are usually looking for in a deck. Having said that, if you’re replacing an old, beat down, and even dangerous deck, then you should plan on replacing it just to remove an eyesore.

12) How old are members of the family living there? Children that are very young might hurt themselves or be at risk if left unsupervised. Older adults might have trouble on steep stairs. Keep these in mind.

13) Do you want it screened in and with amenities? Some families don’t just want a timber deck, they want an outdoor room. That usually means some kind of roof, but fancier decks get screened in, have electric lights, power outlets, Wi-Fi, and maybe even a small kitchen set.

14) What’s your budget? This might be the most obvious consideration, but it can also be the biggest, so it has to be reiterated. You can’t spend more than you have, or at least you shouldn’t. In fact, you shouldn’t even spend more than you want to, so figure out what your limit is. If you’re building for resale value, then look at your cash flow and potential return on investment more than how much it will cost.

Now that you know these 14 factors to consider when you want to design and build a timber deck, you can make sure that your decision is thorough and informed one.